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About Us

Who are we?

We are an ambitious team set out to change the world by connecting athletes and sport lovers from all levels to unique, special and extremely useful high quality sport accessories and gadgets' and by donations from the profits.

What are our goals?

We want to give our SportsZone community members the best products that will enable you to upgrade your training experience and results, your health, fitness and help you enjoy sports, exercise and training as much as possible.

We help make the world a better place by donating 5% of our profits to disadvantaged communities in Africa and South America.

What do we do? 

We offer unique, special and extremely useful high quality sport accessories, fashion items and gadgets. We ensure our SportsZone community members receive professional high quality service and shoping experience.

We donate 5% of the profits from your purchase to help disadvantaged communities in Africa and South America reach their full potential in sport, education and health.

If you want to donate directly contact - United Through Sport organization.


You only live once. Make it count. 

Invest in yourself. Upgrade your life. Change your world.

TheSportsZone team